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cia director david petraeus as the fbi uncovers harassing emails sent by his lover to another woman. they've had enough. frustrated victims of hurricane sandy protest against the utility company that can't get their lights on two weeks after the storm. explosion investigation. the search for clues to what caused the deadly blast that damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in an indianapolis neighborhood. and nascar nastiness. brawls break out in the pit during sunday's race after two of racing's biggest stars have a run in on the track. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, november 12, 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin with the resignation of cia director david petraeus. lawmakers want to know if national security was compromised by the extramarital affair that forced him to step down and why they weren't told
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sooner. it was harassing emails allegedly from petraeus' mistress to another woman that triggered an fbi probe. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. jill kelly took her concerns to the fbi several months ago eventually exposing the affair. now congress is demanding more details. cbs news has learned this woman 37-year-old jill kelly triggered an fbi investigation leading to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. petraeus resigned friday after word got out he was having an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. his resignation caught many on capitol hill offguard. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: kelly went to the fbi after allegedly receiving emails from broadwell warning her to back off and to stay away from her guy.
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broadwell made this comment about petraeus during a publicity tour last february. >> i think he's a terrific role model for young people. >> reporter: congressional leaders are going to start an inquiry of their own. they want to know why they weren't informed of the fbi investigation before it became public. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> reporter: petraeus was scheduled to testify at hearings about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi but now acting director michael morrell will take his place. which is causing some concern. >> i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: senator diane feinstein says petraeus could still be called to testify at some point in the future. and the affair started two months after petraeus took over the cia. so far paula broadwell has been quiet about the relationship.
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>> tara mergener in washington for us this morning. thank you. it's been two weeks since hurricane sandy but for tens of thousands of frustrated and beaten down victims the nightmare is not over yet. some are trying to rebuild from scratch. for others the issue is power. this morning in new york and new jersey some 73,000 customers remain without electricity. that means no heat or no hot water. most are on long island. over the weekend there were protests against the long island power authority. write -- which has drawn heavy criticism for the disaster. mark strassman has our report. >> reporter: new york's veterans day parade was also a salute to the city's recovery from sandy at least in manhattan. but 14 miles away in brooklyn vietnam veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national guardsmen to give him five free gallons. >> without this gas you would be in trouble?
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>> i couldn't charge my cell phone. it's your lifeline. >> you wouldn't have heat? >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class community the streets were flooded by sandy's storm surge. two weeks later no one here has power. >> tough. very tough. scary. it is dark here at night with no lights. >> reporter: 1700 of the 2400 homes were damaged or destroyed and residents complain they have been forgotten in the city's recovery. smith showed us the neighborhood. >> we got wiped out. she got wiped out. they got wiped out. >> reporter: his cousins house is wet and cold. insurance inspectors have yet to survey the damage. in this close knit multigenerational neighborhood many families lost everything, ruined heirlooms. but smith salvaged something special. letters he wrote to his mother from vietnam.
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>> 1966. can't put a price tag on that. >> reporter: this is what many houses in here look inside. dark, dank and depressing. this family lived here for 42 years. they want to rebuild but waiting for an insurance adjuster and for the power to turn back on. mark strassman, cbs news, brooklyn. >> how to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff will be the focus of president obama and lawmakers this week. the president has scheduled meetings with labor representatives, business leaders and members of congress to discuss ways to avoid the automatic tax increase and spending cuts that will go into effect at the beginning of 2013. there is no bigger issue on the agenda in washington between now and the end. year than reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. without an agreement on january 1st the bush era tax cuts will expire and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts goes into effect.
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that will likely result in a spike in unemployment and trigger a new recession. >> everybody recognizes that this will be a terrible thing for american families, for our economy, for just running the government in a sensible way. >> president obama has said any deal must include a tax increase on wealthy americans. an idea that republicans are pushing back against. >> raising those rates on january 1st would according to the independent firm ernst and young destroy 700,000 american jobs. >> but on "face the nation" sunday republican senator lindsey grahamsaid the gop would be open to other means of increasing revenue. >> we don't need to raise taxes, we need to limit loopholes and deductions for the wealthy. >> while members are not supportive of the tax plan, john boehner are urging them to make compromise, something president obama senior adviser david axelrod called encouraging.
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>> there's money to be gained by closing some of these loopholes and applying them to deficit reductions. >> one half of those automatic spending cuts would affect the defense department's budget. david martin shows us what that means for the military. >> reporter: the dreaded sequestration would double the $500 billion in cuts the pentagon is already planning to make over the next decade. defense secretary panetta has not minced words. >> if sequestration goes into effect it's a disaster for national defense. >> reporter: the strategy of pivoting away from the wars in iraq and afghanistan towards the pacific and an emerging chinese superpower would come undone. >> all of that can go to hell if this congress doesn't face up and deal with the issue of sequestration. >> reporter: in this letter to senators panetta warned by the time sequestration was over the u.s. would have the smallest
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ground force since 1940, smallest navy since 1915 and smallest air force ever. a bleak prediction which ignores the quantum leap in weapons technology. as the president pointed out in the debate no other country comes close. >> we spend more on our military than the next ten countries combined. >> reporter: sequestration would not change that. according to the center for strategic and budgetary assessment it's not the size of the cuts, about $50 billion a year that's damaging but the fact that they would be across the board. panetta adds except for military pay every program from the joint strike fighters to military bands would be cut by the same amount, 23%. >> it's absolutely the worst thing to do. if you want to cut the defense budget that's fine, this is a foolish way to do it. >> reporter: if the pentagon were allowed to pick and choose its cuts sequestration may not be the disaster secretary panetta is predicting.
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david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> overseas for the first time since 1973 the middle east war, israel has fired on syria. on sunday a mortar round from syria landed near an israel border outpost. there were no injuries. israel fired a warning shot in retaliation. israel officials acknowledge the mortar was not aimed at israel and was a by product of the syrian civil war. when we come back, explosion investigation. a massive blast in indianapolis killed two people and damages dozens of homes. this is the morning news. dozens of homes. this is the morning news. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology. quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq. investigators are looking into the possibility that a gas leak may have triggered a deadly blast in an indianapolis residential neighborhood. the candlelight vigil was held last night after saturday's night fiery explosion. some residents have been allowed to return many homes in that neighborhood are beyond repair.
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susan mcginnis reports. >> reporter: crews picked through the rubble of two homes levelled in an explosion in indianapolis. they are trying to determine what caused the powerful blast that killed two people and injured several others. >> the house probably felt like it moved a foot or so. and all we could do was get out of here. >> reporter: officials say the explosion damaged 80 homes and dozens are damaged enough that they may have to be torn down. the fiery blast around 11:00 saturday night left neighbors shocked. >> watching tv and next thing we know we hear this loud explosion and the whole house shook. things falling off the walls. >> reporter: about 200 people were forced to evacuate while firefighters battled the flames that had spread to other homes. this house is about 100 feet away from the site of the explosion, one of the homes that caught fire. people say they felt the blast as far as three miles away. >> the house felt like it was my chest was shaking. it felt like -- there's nothing
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you've ever experienced. >> reporter: the wagners live 300 yards from the site of the explosion. the blast shattered some of their windows and blew in their front door. >> people are kind of in shock because it was such a surreal thing. no one knew what it was. >> reporter: this community is coming together. neighbors quickly stocked relief centers with food, diapers and anything people who can't go back home may need. susan mcginnis, cbs news, indianapolis. up next we'll have your monday morning weather and in sports a high octane fight in the pit of a nascar race. buckle up for this bare-knuckled brawl. buckle up for this bare-knuckled brawl. the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. partly sunny in new york, 67 degrees. chance of a shower in miami, 80. morning snow in chicago being 38 degrees. sunny in $60 and mostly sunny in los angeles, 74 degrees. let's check your national forecast. much of the east will be mostly sunny. southeast rainy with an inch in the tennessee valley. parts of the midwest will see rain. snow likely for the upper midwest and northern rockies. northwest pacific coast will be wet. cbs moneywatch time now on a monday. greece clears an important hurdle and attention shoppers black friday gets an early kick-off. ashley morrison is here in new york with more. >> reporter: greece passed a austerity budget that's crucial to getting additional
4:16 am
international funding to avoid bankruptcy. the greek parliament voted on the measure this morning. it calls for severe spending cuts and tax increase. the country would have run out of money by friday if the austerity measures had not been passed. worries about greece sent most asian markets falling this morning. tokyo's nikkei closed at 1% but the hong kong hang seng added a quarter percent. this morning wall street will try controversy from the worst week since june. the dow lost 277 points while the nasdaq was down 77 points. investors are concerned about negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. the nation's airlines may soon need a lot more pilots. the "wall street journal" is reporting carriers are bracing for a wave of retirement as pilots are reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65. the other problem facing the airlines is higher experience requirements for new hires.
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target plans to join other major retailers in moving black friday to thanksgiving night. the chain says it will open its doors to holiday shoppers at 9:00 thanksgiving night. that's three hours earlier than last year. and speaking of thanksgiving, a traditional holiday dinner will cost you a little bit more this year. the american farm bureau says shoppers can expect to pay $49.48 to feed ten people. that's up 28 cents from last year. the cost turkey pushed prices higher as farmers face higher costs. get yourself a smaller turkey and eat more mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie. >> i'll eat, take a nap and eat some more. ashley morrison here in new york. appreciate it. in sports this morning some nsa -- nascar nastiness both on and off the track at sunday's race
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in arizona. jeff gordon intentionally knocked clint bowyer into the wall. then there's a brawl in the pits. bowyer find out what's happening and he sprints into the pit as well. he gets stopped outside of gordon's trailer. police officers had to guard outside. they've had a feud for most of the season. road rage. for real. when we come back from the yellow brick road to the auction block one of hollywood's most famous dresses went to the highest bidder this weekend. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck!
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priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. how close crews are to completing a massive sectiof the new east span.. and a sudden resignation.. s morning, new details in the david patreaus scandal.. plus.. a weekend of veterany events.. and they continue today.. as americans take te to remember and say thanks.. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginng at 4:30.
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good morning. it's monday, ,,,, here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in washington partly sunny 67 degrees. mostly cloudy in atlanta 71. partly sunny in st. louis 48 degrees. mostly sunny in denver 49. cloudy in seattle with showers 50 degrees.
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police in southfield, michigan near detroit are trying to figure out why a man tried to shoot a police officer inside a police station. the man pointed a gun at the police officer, pulled the trigger but didn't fire. then officers exchanged fire with the suspect and shot him dead. one officer is recovering from a gunshot wound. more fallout this morning at the bbc over reporting about several alleged child sex abuse cases. the director of bbc news and her deputy resign. two days ago the director general resigned. and the bbc is taking heat after one of its programs decided not to air an investigation into hundreds of child sex abuse allegations against a tv host who died last year. >> jesse jackson jr. may be negotiating a plea deal with the justice department that would force him to resign from office. he's under investigation for allegedly misusing campaign funds. he served in congress for 17
4:22 am
years and easily won re-election to another term last week. jackson has been treated at the mayo clinic in minnesota since june for bipolar disorder and depression. the winner at the weekend box office was bond, james bond. "skyfall" which stars daniel craig in the 23rd bond movie had more than $87 million in ticket sales. and then "ralph" was second and "flight" came in third. and no we're not in kansas any more. the blue dress that judy garland wore in "wizard of oz" sold at auction for $480,000. it was part of a two day auction of hollywood items in beverly hills over the weekend. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news". this is the "cbs morning news".
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president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery to mark veterans day on sunday. he said it was the first veterans day in a decade without an iraq war. later and the first lady along with joe biden and his wife greeted families in the cemetery section 60 an area dedicated to service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. for american soldiers in afghanistan one of the biggest threats remain so-called insider attacks when u.s. forces are killed by afghans that they are supposed to train. some of the leading causes of u.s. casualties. one family says that's not combat it's murder. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a nine month deployment, an army specialist mabry anders just 21 would have been home from afghanistan in time for thanksgiving. instead his body came back to baker city, oregon on labor day to a hero's welcome. >> people lined both sides of the street and held flags, showing their support.
4:26 am
>> reporter: mabry had joined the army right out of high school. he was smart, good with a rifle and level headed. it was the best his mom and stepfather troy could hope for. >> if it was a fair fight, you know what i mean, then we knew he would be okay. >> reporter: but a few months back, mabry's usual upbeat emails changed. >> the last thing he wrote was he was scared and afraid he wasn't coming home. >> what was he afraid of? >> he said he felt that his most dangerous part of his job was working with the afghan soldiers. he felt that something was going to happen. >> did he feel like he was constantly looking over his should center >> yes. he quit sleeping. >> reporter: in august, mabry's unit was clearing a vehicle hit by a roadside bomb when an afghan soldier in a passing
4:27 am
convoy opened fire. he and a staff sergeant died instantly. >> basically his gun held 75 to 100 rounds and shot them all at both of them within ten seconds and none of the afghan soldiers the other guys that were with them tried to stop him in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: the gunman was later killed by u.s. troops. his family claiming he was trained by the taliban called him a martyr. >> he's not a martyr he's a murderer. that's not combat that's cowardice. >> reporter: trust become u.s. and afghan force is being tested like never before. and the family fears afghan's patience is wearing thin too. >> we talked with mabry's friends and they feel like the vast majority of the people don't want them there any more. >> reporter: mabry didn't expect war to be an easy fight. what he did expect was a fair fight. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning" the fallout over the resignation of cia director david petraeus.
4:28 am
john miller has details on the investigation. that's the morning news for this monday. as always appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody, have a great day. tching. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody, have a great day. ,,,,
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and i' e is good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 12th. time now is about 4:30. america celebrates veterans day on this holiday. first let's check traffic and weather. >> nice weekend. >> we are starting off on the chilly side, 30s and 40s. it won't be that warm today, either. >> and it's a

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